Inspiration For A Purple & Pink Wedding

Now Whitney’s Got Her Own Sailor To Kiss!

Posted in Congratulations!, To The Bride by Jaime on February 21, 2008

 The V-J Day Kiss. 

Aaaah, romance!   Learn and read more about the history of this picture from: Life.  Then, wait to see history made again when Whitney marries her brave sailor, Bryce!  Congratulations you two!!!


Around The Wheel…

Posted in To The Bride by Jaime on February 2, 2008

…of Color!

You know you love pink & purple.  However maybe you haven’t decided yet on what shades.  Whether you go with pretty pastels or bright and vibrant, pick which best reflects you and your personality

Whether you choose monochromatic, contrasting, or a triad of colors, I’m sure you’ll know when you see it, that it’s what you love




Just keep your eyes, and your mind open…and pick what best suits you…this blog will hopefully help you do that. 

Happy planning!