Inspiration For A Purple & Pink Wedding

Coco Myles!

Posted in Uncategorized by Jaime on April 17, 2008

Tired of trying to find the perfect combination of dresses to make all your bridesmaids happy? Let’s face it, as women, we come in all different shapes and sizes. And sometimes, trying to find dresses can be a task that’s both frustrating and tiring for both you and your girls!

How many times have you stood up in a wedding where you wish the bride would have chosen a dress that looked good on everyone, instead of the one that just looked “so cute” on little Miss Size Zero?

No offence Miss Size Zero…we’ve been there with you too. Yes, I’m sure many of us were once close to a size zero at one point, however we’re not 19 anymore. Gone are the days of dancing off calories until dawn every night, and running your butt off to serve tables.

We’re growing up, and growing curves. And these womanly curves need to scream “SEXY!”, not “HELP ME, I NEED TO BREATHE!”.

Do not fear, Coco Myles is here! Coco Myles offers not only offers an amazing collection of celebrity-inspired dresses you can choose from, but also a collection of different tops and bottoms, a maternity collection, and also the perfect dress for your junior maids!

Let your girls look like a million bucks, for only a few bucks. All of their dresses are really quite affordable compared to the majority of dresses out there in stores. But the best part? Your bridesmaids can have their dresses CUSTOM MADE to fit not only their taste, but their bodies too. Let them choose from different styles, colors and fabrics, with or without a sash. Get them glam!

I just recently received my dress from Coco Myles which I absolutely love…I tried it on, it fits perfectly, and it’s so very flattering! The quality and feel of the fabric is amazing. I couldn’t be happier!

Normally that is not how I feel after picking up a dress. More than half the time, I end up having to get the dress altered. It’s not only frustrating, but can get expensive too! It gets stressful. I’m happy to say I don’t have to do that with my Coco Myles dress. It was a great deal when I got it, and an even better deal now that I don’t have to get it altered!

Guarantee your girls comfort, style and your photographer great looking pictures! And when your girls save tons of money by purchasing a Coco Myles dress, who knows – maybe they’ll splurge on you!


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